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Eye Examination

We rely on our sight in all aspects of daily life and therefore an eye examination is essential to monitor eye health and maintain the best vision possible.

We strive to provide the most thorough eye examinations using latest technology and equipment so you, the patient have full confidence in our findings and recommended management.

Our three choices of eye care

Standard Eye Test Includes:

  • Full eye examination including assessment of your eye health history and recent symptoms
  • Measuring your vision with old glasses
  • Calculating your new prescription if needed
  • Anatomy and ocular health check
  • Retina check
  • Eye pressure check
  • General medical check

Advanced Examination Includes:

  • Everything included in our Standard choice
  • An extended peripheral vision check
  • Optomap

Comprehensive Examination includes:

  • Everything included in our Advanced choice
  • OCT scan and retinal photography which allows us to build a valuable record of your eye
  • A written report on your visual health for you to keep

How often should one have an eye examination?

We advise regular eye examinations for everyone including children even when you are not experiencing any difficulties. In accordance with national guidelines the recommended intervals are set out in the table below:

National guidelines for eye tests

1: Aged 15 years or below every year
2: Aged 16 – 69 years every 2 years
3: Aged 70 years and over every year
4: Diabetic and Glaucoma patients every year
5: Aged 40 years or over with an immediate relative with Glaucoma every year

The above are general guidelines but if it clinically required an eye examination may be advised more frequently, the optician will advise you of this.

Please contact us if you have any queries or questions about our eye examination and related issues, we would be most happy to advise you.

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